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Meet Karen

Certified  Meditation Coach, Yoga Instructor

& Reiki Master

Each of us holds the wisdom to our own healing and perfect well-being. Our breath is what connects us to our power and our authentic self. It is truly the magic that allows us to let go of fear, rise up, unfold our wings and become the very best versions of who we are.


Flying Pangolins Wellness Studio grew from seeds of love, a calling to support healing, and the desire to share the realization that breath connects us to healing, our intuition, and the world around us. The Flying Pangolin offers a safe space to follow your heart, create healing, cultivate joy, and manifest your dreams.


I invite you to collaborate with me to create your transformation. I incorporate yoga, breath-work, meditation and transformation coaching, and energy healing to support you in your own unique journey to awesomeness! We all have wings - we simply need to pause and breathe to find them. 


Book a free consultation to learn more. Learn more about me and my own wellness journey.

Let's breathe together!

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What I Specialize In

Meditation Coaching

Yoga to Create Awareness

Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

Reiki & Energy


One to One


Our journey to health begins on the path of self love. Begin your journey today.

Before working with Karen, I was  coping with significant stress and relationship issues. Typically, these challenges made me feel overwhelmed. It was hard to maintain a positive outlook and the further I went along, the harder it seemed to overcome. On particularly difficult days, I was finding myself less confident and more hesitant. One of the biggest impacts of working with Karen was a drastic improvement in my self-image and self-worth. By improving my confidence, I noticed that barriers started taking less out of me and, instead, seemed to be manageable opportunities for change. Karen is a beautiful soul who genuinely cares about your personal journey.  

- Cait, Canton 

I was dealing with anxiety. Although I was surrounded by loved ones, I felt alone and insecure. I was uncertain of my future and needed something to hold onto. Through my coaching work with Karen I've learned how to be grounded. My self-image and self confidence have improved and from there all my relationships improved. I've learned to let go and focus on me. I discovered self care is not self indulgent; it is necessary to care for one's self in order to care for others. All in all, I've developed some great tools for dealing with anxiety that I  keep in my arsenal. I feel a real connection to Karen. She listens without judgment and keeps me focused.

- Chris, Ann Arbor 

One of my take-aways from working with Karen is that life does not have to be done in a specific, methodical, perfect way to be successful. Karen really opened my eyes to the potential of growing through meditation, coaching and yoga in ways that make sense to me. When trying something new, it's really difficult not to be self-critical, but she helped me learn to be present, aware, and to embrace my thoughts without letting them dismantle any rewards. Karen empowers you while teaching you to have confidence in removing your own barriers, all while giving yourself the kindness to try, mess up, and try again until you're where you want to be.  

- Jen, Bloomfield Hills

Meditation coaching combined with yoga, energy and breath work are a natural & holistic approach to wellness that aligns our mind, body & spirit.

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