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About Karen

Meditation Coach, Yoga Teacher & Reiki Practioner

"Each of us holds the wisdom to our own healing & perfect well-being. Our breath provides a path home that allows us to let go of fear, rise up, unfold our wings & become the very best version of who we are."


Karen is a Kundalini styled yoga teacher and meditation coach on a mission to empower kids and parents struggling with anxiety, stress and overwhelm. My goal is to share how incredibly accessible yoga and breathwork is ~ all ages, all abilities. The work is to cultivate radical self-love and connection using simple, healthy, life affirming tools and practices rooted in breath and yoga. 


I incorporate an eclectic fusion of tools, practices and experiences from my training in meditation, yoga and energy healing. My perspectives are shaped and colored by my experiences as a woman and mother, my formal education in the fine arts, and my life-long connection to nature and animals. I am a fierce advocate of the other species with whom we share this beautiful planet!

I also have 20+ years of hands-on experience cultivating high performing teams in a corporate environment. I love working with individuals and groups in situations that demand constant reinvention and realignment in order to stay healthy and real.​



I discovered meditation while at University and began a 30 year journey of discovery. I've since had the privilege of being mentored by some amazing individuals including Betty Bazur, Shakta Khalsa (founder of Radiant Child and Family Yoga), Carolyn Cowan (founder of Kundalini Global), and Sura Kim (founder of Sura Flow). In addition I've studied and practiced Reiki with a variety of Reiki Masters in both Canada and the United States over the last eight years. I received my Reiki Master certification from Brandi Rivait, founder of Integrative Healing and Yoga in 2017. 

The intertwining of meditation, breath-work, Kundalini Yoga, nature awareness and energy healing informs my style of coaching and teaching.


Meditation Coach

I am a certified 500-hour Meditation Coach, Leadership Coach and Energy Healer practitioner. I trained with Sura Kim, through the Sura Flow Liberate program. This powerful one-year certification program delivered both a broad perspective, and deep dives into meditation, mindfulness, energy work, leadership coaching and self-compassion. The training offered countless opportunities to deepen my meditation practice and spiritual path, walking through the practices of compassion, forgiveness and joy, as both student and coach. The training encompassed live online classrooms, workshops and applied contact hours doing individual coaching, and leading classes and groups in meditation. The course-work covered the application of meditation, coaching and energy work to many areas including trauma, somatic awareness, relationships, conflict, self-care. This has been a fantastic journey in my own evolution and I'm excited to bring my own offering of co-creating with others who are interested in developing greater consciousness, self-healing, and bringing to light a well imagined life. 

Yoga Instructor

I am a 200 hour yoga instructor. I pursued my yoga training through Radiant Child and Family Yoga, a Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance at both the 95 and 200-hour levels. I was initially drawn to this  training because of the modules focusing on ADHD, Autism and bringing yoga to those who are differently-abled in a meaningful way. I was pleasantly surprised to find the training incorporated bringing yoga to women, couples, aging populations and even families! The training folds in the best that Kundalini Yoga and Hatha Yoga have to offer, but also incorporates an eclectic mix of goodies including Brain Gym, Montessori teachings, meditation and mindfulness, and so much more. It supports yogic tools and teachings for the entire human lifespan, from the ittie-bitties to the elderly, and everyone in between. Shakta Khalsa is a force of nature and an acclaimed author. Her most recent book, The Yoga Way to Radiance: How to Follow Your Inner Guidance and Nurture Children to Do the Same teaches us to follow our inner guru. This book, and Shakta's 200 hour teacher training changed my life! ​

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