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Updated: Mar 14, 2020

That one time you realized you already have all the answers. You’ve had them this entire time. You spent years searching out there when you could have sat quietly, closed your eyes and searched within...

I turn off all the pretty pictures, the streams of sound that keep me from the now that is real. I hear the quiet. I notice how the everyday sounds on the outside sink into my silence, and are enveloped by stillness and calm, as though dipped in warm, melted chocolate and set aside for later.

Unfolding inwards, I am here now. I see this moment for what it is, no lens of past or future, no extra brush strokes to make it other than what it is. There are no filters to distort what is authentic and real. I am strong and sturdy and focused and present. I see the beauty in the mundane. I relish the calm, the silence, and the serenity of this moment.

This beautiful silence, mindfully out-maneuvered for hours and days and years and decades, a life-time. It follows, patiently waiting, always here, always ready for my awakening. Filled with unwavering love and resounding peace, waiting for that moment in time when I awake, and realize it is in the silence I am reborn to this world, this body, this life, this moment. I notice the exquisite beauty of the silence that I had been missing when I was cultivating my existence in the streams of sound, in the streams of pictures, in the torrents of others words, ideas and rules.

In the silence everything is stillness. It is saturated with warmth, and love, and healing. It is this moment that fills me with peace. I gain my perspective. I find my wisdom within my center. It is here I know that I am enough. That I am beautiful. That I am connected.

And with this realization, I breathe. Intentional breaths, cleansing my energy and spirit of destructive thoughts, the negative and false beliefs of who I am. And I exhale releasing all of the whispers, hidden in the recesses of my body and mind and energy. I release all the stuck energy and vibrations that quietly murmur ‘not good enough.’ As I breathe I release all the conscious and unconscious memories of being less than, of not measuring up.

I intentionally cleanse myself by breathing into the silence, drawing in divine love deeply into my lungs. I breathe this healing silence into my heart. I breathe into my lower belly and fill every space inside of me with perfect stillness, perfect love, perfect calm, and perfect knowing. It fills every cell, the spaces within and surrounding each cell, cleansing and quietly removing all remnants, even the slightest echo of “not enough.” And cloaked in this exquisite, healing, perfect peace, I know on every level of my being, the stunning truth. I AM enough. I was always enough. In this moment of deep healing and cleansing there are no words. There is just being, wrapped up in love and joy.

And as I move into the next moment of this day, all of the moments, I know I can plug into the silence whenever I take a moment to intentionally breathe. I plug into the silence at will. I now cultivate this silence, and in the pauses between my breaths, I can faintly hear the silence whispering back with love, “You are enough.”

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