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Meditation Coaching

We each hold the wisdom to our own healing & well-being.

Entering into a coaching relationship is a life-changing gift of love from you to yourself. In meditation coaching we create a safe space to cultivate truth, healing, peace, gratitude and joy. This is where we recover, uncover and discover who we are, what lights us up, and our purpose! People are drawn to coaching for many reasons and the Below are just a few areas where I've seen amazing transformation through the coaching process:

  • Feeling stuck or blocked

  • Feeling like your living on 'high alert'

  • Unable to release or turn off worry

  • Feeling BIG emotions like anger, grief, anxiety, panic, shame, guilt (the list is long)

  • Feeling lonely or sadness

  • Struggling in relationships

  • Facing unexpected challenges or changes

  • Finding it hard to start (fill in the blank)

  • Finding it hard to stop (fill in the blank)

  • Unable to turn down the inner voice narrating and judging every thought, word and action (self-judgement)

  • Not enough time for you in your life (feeling boxed in, exhausted, frustrated)

  • Feeling lost in context of purpose

  • Unable to focus, feeling scattered


Meditation Coaching is a partnership in co-creating wellness. It combines leadership coaching with meditation and energy healing, to essentially uncover, and bring hidden, blocked or buried parts of ourselves, such as barriers, wounds or pain into the light. Our human tendency is to retreat from feelings such as pain, fear, shame or trauma, and then tuck them away, and forget about them. What we don't realize is they are all still there, and we carry them as hidden burdens. They add weight to our journeys and they take up space within us.


The process of meditation coaching allows us to to identify and become conscious of these hidden and blocked pieces of us. It allows us to be present with these parts of ourselves in a state of self-compassion, and to experience what they need to tell us. This process allows us to become whole as we reclaim the missing pieces that were tucked away. It also supports us in releasing the burdens that no longer serve us. When we resolve our wounds we move ever closer towards the experiences of genuine peace as we grow in self-acceptance, non-judgement, and we learn to listen to that inner voice and trust ourselves and our inner knowing. 


I've experienced this healing process first-hand and was amazed to find, "I did not not fully comprehend or feel the burden and cost of the traumas and wounds I was carrying within subconsciously, until I released them. The only way I can explain this is to make an analogy of what it is like to exist for weeks or months on end in rain, clouds, overcast skies or snow, but no sun. Then one day the sun appears and you feel this amazing release and are overcome with feelings of bliss or joy."


"You didn't even realize you felt so bad, until you suddenly felt so incredibly good."


The amount of energy required to maintain barriers, such as an energetic wall around your heart or to keep pain buried at a subconscious level is incredibly costly. That price comes in many forms including freedom, joy, calm, focus, creativity, healthy relationships, living your purpose, and so forth. As you move through the healing process and release a wound, you feel a lightness, a void of stress and anxiety that is new. The release gives rise to a spaciousness within that fills with new qualities like self-acceptance and love, peace, and joy. As we release burdens and move into energies of peace and joy it supports inner knowing and creativity. The more trauma and hidden wounds we release, the more our internal resources are freed up to align to, and create our passions and purpose.

The tools I bring into coaching have supported my own healing journey and personal growth evolution ~ so I know they work! I am passionate about sharing this work with others because I've seen amazing transformations, over and over, regardless of the individual, regardless of the reason that led them here.


I am passionate about working with those ready to tune inwards, to listen to that something that is calling out from deep within. It is so important to trust and honor that voice, that feeling, that inner knowing. I truly believe this is what we are here to do ~ to shed the noise and distractions of the outside world and find the the courage to follow that voice calling out from within you. What is it calling out for? Where is it leading you? And more importantly, what is holding you back?

Take my hand, we'll leap together  and along the way we'll find your wings. ⁣


It is truly a joy co-creating with others who are interested in developing greater consciousness, self-healing, and bringing to light and energy to to that voice within. Please reach by phone or email to learn more about meditation coaching and how we might work together. You can also book an initial appointment via the website. Ongoing coaching is offered both in person, and via Zoom meetings, or phone calls, depending on personal preferences, geographic location, and whether or not we're in the midst of a world-wide pandemic. 

Love & Light!



Reiki Energy Healing

Yes I know. The text isn't here yet. But I can assure you the Reiki is. If we wait until it is perfect, we'll never get started! The text is coming shortly! Stay tuned!

Yoga & Breath for Real Life

This is likely the yoga you haven't heard about lately. You can do it in your pajamas, in a bed, in a chair, in the yard, your living room, at work or in a studio. This yoga is for everyone, from babies, toddlers, tweens and teens, to women, men, moms and dads, couples, those who are differently-abled, and grandparents. Not only is this yoga for everybody, but it is for every situation, every day of your life. 


This yoga is for mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. Its for toning up your brain and your body, impacting muscles, immunity, emotions and energy. If you like releasing the energies and hidden wounds that do not serve your highest well-being, if you are into joy, peace and walking around with a smile on your face, if you are into toning and stretching your muscles, and working the kinks out of your spine and neck, you like this yoga! 


It is about all of you - the whole package! Its about creating self-awareness, health in all the dimensions of your life, from what you eat, how you sleep, how you cope with stress, trusting yourself and the list goes on. This is a yoga that can become your best friend in the form of a consistent daily practice and a way of being. 


The discipline of a daily practice benefits us in many ways. A daily practice can feel like a giant hug and a warm friend. A daily practice is a steady support when we are ready to break habits we no longer need, and becomes a safe space in our daily lives to experience our true selves. It becomes the place we work through challenges like sorrow,  stress,  confusion, disappointment, and anger. It is also the place we cultivate peace, joy, health, creativity and love. Finally, it's an acknowledgment of competence and commitment to our own well-being and self care. It feels pretty darn good when we commit to something and stick to it. 


Call or email to find out more! Yoga is 1-to-1 in person, and via Zoom, or phone calls, depending on personal preferences, geographic location, and whether or not we are in the midst of a world-wide pandemic. Yoga can also be combined with meditation coaching. I also do classes, and class series for all age groups and occasions. Yoga for birthday parties?  Yoga for family gatherings? Yoga for sleep-overs? Yoga instead of detention? Yes please! 

Love & Light!


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