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Let's Meditate 

A daily meditation practice can be life changing. It can be the difference between a great day, and one of those days where you just want to close your eyes, and forget the entire thing when it is over! Set your day up for success by creating your own morning ritual of meditation, gratitude and calm. 

Remember Making Wishes on Dandelions?

Guided meditation to relax and 'sink into' the qualities of joy, curiosity and lightness. Keying into how our thoughts can shift our energy and feelings. 

Finding Peace & Balance in Nature

Hear the forest's song calling you to surrender your burdens and connect to both the serenity and wildness of life. This guided meditation explores the idea of nature and healing. That by simply immersing oneself within nature, we are nourished, filled with peace and returned to balance.

Dragonfly Wisdom ~ Find Your Wings

A guided meditation with focused breathing and energy healing that contemplates transformation and other wisdom imparted by the dragonfly. When we let go of fear and lean into the stillness we realize our nature and find true freedom in knowing that nothing lasts forever, that everything is change. And when we are able to accept this truth we find the courage to live in each moment. This is the courage that allows us to listen to that voice within that tells us so certainly it is time to venture forth into the unknown, to become what you’ve always been.

You Are Enough

Guided meditation that helps bring awareness to the practice of going within to gain perspective, find wisdom, and peace. Looks at the beauty and healing we can find within ourselves and the silence. Explores the idea that finding your true essence and loving yourself is what you've been search for all along.

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